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Avengers infinity war: man....That was a really good movie and worth the build up. but that ending!!!! WHY!!!? 
so, I saw RAMPAGE starring THE ROCK and JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN!! and....It was good. it was a big fun, monster movie with a rather basic plot. I think in terms of video game movies, its probably going to be the best one I have seen yet, it does do things different but if your a fan of the game's you'll enjoy it. its no DC or MCU Film, I'd say it reminds me of Indipeance day or Early Micheal Bay films, like Armageddon.  I give it 6 out of 10 Serious Georges on the FUN-tastical Meter!!
ITS FINISH!! here are all 112 original Pokémon from my region of Mojavesa, based on the Mojave Desert.… what do you guys thing? what would your team consist of?
for those wondering why I "Skipped" Pokemon in the Mojavesa's regions #39-48, I didn't. thats the fossil Pokemon, I created. which means this region probably has the most fossil Pokemon to come out of a region.  so far here is a little folder where I have all current Pokemon of my new region in, based on the Mojave Desert:…

Okay so I really need help and fi you guys know anyone who would be interested in hiring my skills for custom or other wise. here is the link:…
so new doctor who log is out guys:
what do you my fellow Whovians think?

personal opinion: I tihnk it looks a bit "sexy" and I like it. lil BTTF Reference, there with the D and HO.
Shall be updated when more names/types get made.

EDIT: ALL NAMES and TYPES have been uploaded!! 

The Mojavesa Poke'dex


 Sirate    fire/rock Sand Cat
Lynitex fire/rock Bobcat
Pumire fire/rock/ground Mountain lion
Pupoyte Grass/Dark Coyote
Kumeroyte Grass/Dark Coyote
Coyotree Grass/Dark/Ground Coyote
Frleep Water/Eletric Big horn Sheep
Zaahorn Water/Eletric Big horn Sheep
Bigornda Water/Eletric/Ground Big horn Sheep
Rinlotte Normal/Ground Ringtail
Ringling Normal/Ground Ringtail
Desertle Rock/Water Desert Turtle
Armortise Steel/Water Desert Turtle
Desarmortlse Steel/Water/Rock Desert Turtle
Shrikerock Flying/rock Loggerhead Shrike
Shrockerhead Flying/rock Loggerhead Shrike
Gambrail Flying/Grass Gambel's Quail
Quaileen Flying/Grass Gambel's Quail
Molizard Ground/Fire Mojave Lizard
Javizard Ground/Fire Mojave Lizard
Zoshua Ground/Rock/fire Mojave Lizard
Salastang Fire/Rock/Dark Salamander
Palmtike Grass/Water Cactus
Palmtrine Grass/Water Cactus
Cactalm Grass/poison Cactus
Cactune Grass/poison Cactus
Desertula Bug/Ground Desert Tarantula
Desawkula Bug/Ground/Flying Tarantula Hawk Wasp
Drillan Normal American Badger
Anterriel Normal/Fairy White-Tailed Antelope Squirrel
Squirrelope Normal/Fairy White-Tailed Antelope Squirrel
Blastunny Pyschic/Dark Black Tailed Jackrabbit
Blastrabbit Psychic/ground Black Tailed Jackrabbit
Donkiote Rock/Fire Wild Burro
Horsonnza Rock/Fire Wild Horse
Janga Fairy/Ground Panamiht Kangaroo Rat
Junnga Fairy/Ground Panamiht Kangaroo Rat
Roodee Fairy/rock Panamiht Kangaroo Rat
Toth Fairy/Ground Giant Ground Sloth
Simatooth fire Sabortooth Tiger
Saborooth fire/rock Sabortooth Tiger
M'Lassodoon Ground/Steel/Rock American Mastodon
Caliqua Water/Steel Californousaus
Californojaw Water/Steel Californousaus
Californoxicle Steel/Ice Californousaus
Dilup Rock/Fairy Dire Wolf
Dirolf Rock/Dark/Ground Dire Wolf
Striwolves Rock/Dark/Ground Dire Wolf
Roadit Water/Ground/Fire Red-Spotted Toad
Pacifrog Water/grass Pacific Treefrog
Calitoad Water/grass/rock California Treefrog
Cacren Flying/Water/Rock Cactus Wren
Grunner Flying/Ground Roadrunner
Corrunner Flying/Ground Greater Roadrunner
Rojoro Flying/ Fire Red-Tailed Hawk
Unirado Flying/ Fire/Fairy Golden Eagle
Valloth Bug/Poison Pronuba Moth
Devally Bug/Poison Scorpion
Zuro Zuro Dark/Flying Desert Bat
Gilawalla Psychic/Ground/Dark Chuckwalla
Gilonster Psychic/ground/Fire Gila Monster
Rattleshake Rock/Dark/Poison Rattle Snake
Ginkshake Rock/Dark/Poison Kingsnake
Chuib Water/dark/Ground Mohave Tui Chub
Calibat Grass/Ghost/Flying California Leaf-Nosed Bat
Myobat Dark/Psychic/Ghost California Myotis
Prongcer Psychic/Ground Pronghorn
N'Roh Psychic/Eletric/Ghost Pronghorn
Volentric Eletric/Fire Vole
Elkahuna Ground/Eltric/Ghost Mule Deer
Ghelkhurst Ghost/Ground Mule Deer
Cowpoe Ground/Ice Mohave Ground Squirrel
Prariene Ground/Ice/Rock Stephens Soft-Haired ground Squirrel
Yucanna Grass Yucca Tree
Yucanox Grass Yucca Tree
Yuccoa Grass Yucca Tree
Tegetic Bug/Ghost/Eletric Yucca Moth
Tegeticula Bug/Ghost Yucca Moth
Skant Steel/Rock Desert Ants
Skulanti Steel/Ground Desert Ants
Dollinx Bug/Dark Doll's Sphix Moth
Tikkit Electric/Ground Kit Fox
Kitterox Electric/Ground Kit Fox
Deserittox Electric/Ground Desert Kit Fox
Poke'ir Normal/Grass/Ground Valley Pocket Gopher
Woodrat Normanl/Rock Desert Woodrat
Desrat Normal/Rock Desert Woodrat
Anaugi Ground Desert Iguana
Demupup Water/Dark Devil Hole Pupfish
Devilog Water/Dark Devil Hole Pupfish
Ruffish Water/Dark/Dragon Death Vally Pupfish
Amu Dragon/Eletric Uma
Breadragon Dragon/ground Bearded Dragon
Poprogan Dragon/Ground/rock Pogona
Curtana Bug/Steel/Eletric Desert Bladed Mantis
Elowf Flying/ Fairy Elf Owl
Buru Buru Flying/Rock/Ground Burrow Owl
Bubowl Flying/Rock/Dark Great Horn Owl
Owstache Flying/Steel Western Screech Owl
Bolarn Flying/Fairy/Psychic Barn owl
Calcostra Flying/Psychic Costa Hummingbird
Chocholla Grass/Ghost Jumping Cholla
Yuccolua Grass/Rock/Ground Joushua Tree
Vidrio Dragon/Dark/Fairy Balance Diety
Vidria Fairy/ Dragon/ Ground Guardian of Life
Driomamate Dark/ Dragon/Rock Guardian of Death
Mmohaven Water/Ghost/fairy legendary
Rhyolite Grass/Eletric/dark Legendary
Hyspannah Fire/Psychic/Normal Legendary
Prilliah Steel/ Dragon/Psychic Guardian of Soul
Eldrodah Rock/Ground/Ghost/Steel Ruins
Cocochella Fire/Water/Rock Hot Springs
So my fakemon region Based on THE Mojave Desert called the: Mojavesa Region has 112 new Pokemon!! get ready for soem pika-clones, and a LOT of Ground and Rock types. so triple types ladies and gents!! =D shout out to tons fo amazing fake artist as well who inspired soem fo these designs. 
Disney's "Gigantic" is a canceled Disney Film that was suppose to be a retelling of "Jack and the beanstalk".

So I did my own version of How I would "fix"/ make a Disney movie with a bit of a similar premise. if anyone's interested in hearing it.  please comment below.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

taken from :iconcharlot-sweetie:

frist ten people to coment on this journal, I will feature your art.

1. CDC January'18 - 21 - Farmer by Kamau-Studios A Bumbling Bee by Kamau-Studios
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